Classic Computer Magazine Archive START VOL. 5 NO. 6 / FEBRUARY/MARCH 1991


How To Get START Programs Up And Running

1) Write protect your disk. Move the tab on the back of the disk so that you can see through the hole in the disk case. This prevents the accidental deletion of files on the START disk.

2) Make a backup copy. We format the disk using TWISTER.PRG (from the December 1990 issue) to increase the size of a double-sided disk to 400K. You can always copy the START disk onto a hard drive. To back up onto a floppy, run STARTCPY.PRG (it's on your START disk) and follow the instructions. Have a blank disk ready.

3) Store the original and use the backup.

4) All of the files are compressed so that we can fit more programs on the disk. These files must be uncompressed before they can be used. We use Double Click Software's DC SEA utility to create self-extracting archive (ARC) files. To un-ARC a program, simply double-click on the filename.

5) When the dialog box appears, choose Extract.

6) When the file selector appears, choose a destination disk (hard disk, RAM disk or floppy disk) for the uncompressed files. If you are not sure how to use your file selector, refer to your ST manual or your replacement file-selector documentation. Do not attempt to use your START disk or backup copy as a destination disk - there isn't enough room to hold the files. Make sure the destination disk has enough space for the uncompressed files, whose sizes are given below:


The screen goes blank, then the files are listed as they are extracted, and marked "OK" if the uncompression is successful.

Problems with your START disk? It is possible that the disk has been damaged in transit. To receive a replacement copy, follow the procedure below.

Subscribers: Call Subscription Customer Service at (815) 734-6309 on weekdays 7:30 am. to 10:30 p.m. Central Time. Your subscription will be confirmed, and a replacement disk will be sent to you.

Non-subscribers: Send your original START disk to START Disk Replacement, 544 Second St., San Francisco, CA 94107. A replacement disk will be sent to you.