Kwik-Search News and Updates


Implement search for:
  • Buy categories: books, electronics, software
  • Reference categories: dictionary, thesaurus, magazines, news sources
  • Job search
  • Newsgroup search

  • Portals: search criteria
  • Script search: script type
  • Detailed usage instructions and walk-thru

    Internet explorer version: NOTHING
    UNIX version:
  • Determine operating characteristics of browsers specifically: usable fonts and stylesheet behaviour

    Add Gecko support for correct W3C DOM model

  • 4.1.99-Public release of version 0.9
  • 3.28.99-Add Buy A Computer and update Ezines.
  • 3.17.99-HACK choosers to allow a RETURN to activate search properly
  • 3.13.99-New Beta Site layout; Add cobrand generator (create the cobrand code for you); made chooser window resizable
  • 3.11.99-Add preliminary info about cobranding; add ezines; setup bulletin board; first look at new logo
  • 3.10.99-Increase mp3 search to 12 engines; videos to 7 engines; freeware to 10; scripts to 12; add BBB to smallBiz resources; add SearchKing, Link2Go and ICQit to search engines; move MSN to portals; remove deadlink PC411 from people search, add Who Me?; add Ask Research to Stock Charts; add Alta Vista to stock info; add Infoseek to Stock News; add link in Chooser to staff picks (a future feature to have Staff picks related to that category)
  • 3.8.99-Added online HELP in the chooser; add a feedback response form in the chooser;
  • 3.5.99-Fix bug in searchCore and new IE quick frame resize when only one engine is searched; fix the fix [g]; fix possible problem in kwik-start up; cleanup sign-on process to not open any new windows (like I meant it to be!)
  • 3.4.99-Add multimedia searchs for MP3s, Graphics and Videos; replaced missing Netscape freeware.html; removed Tracker from all
  • 3.3.99-Add quick frame resize buttons for Internet Explorer (one click makes selected engine largest frame); Fixed NS logic bug with undefined in hashTable.js; Made sign-on optional